What to do when someone passes away


This section offers you a brief guide to some of the things you need to consider when someone passes away.

Whilst procedures vary throughout the UK, we will be able to advise you accordingly on what steps to take. It is common that people are unsure of what to do following a bereavement and the following information offers some initial guidance:


When someone passes away in hospital

Hospital staff will arrange for a doctor to issue the Death Certificate which you will need to collect, along with any belongings, from the hospital. If the funeral is to be a cremation, please advise the hospital staff so they can make arrangements for any additional documentation that is needed. Contact us and we will make further necessary arrangements.


When someone passes away at home or in a nursing home

The first contact should be with the deceased's doctor who, if satisfied with the cause of death, will issue the Death Certificate. In some cases you may be asked to collect the certificate from the surgery. In the case of a nursing home death, their staff should liaise with the doctor. Contact us after you have informed the doctor.


When someone passes away unexpectedly.

If the deceased has not been seen by a regular doctor for more than 14 days the emergency doctor, or any police involved, will inform the relevant Coroner’s office. Contact us as soon as possible. We can advise on the procedures involved and contact the Coroner’s office.